We, the right way for logistics services, have a high experience in shipping and handling all shipments, even shipping heavy goods, shipping special goods and managing major shipping projects that require special effort.


Our Branches

We have followed our dream by making the best shipping company in Amman Jordan, but a strong shipping company seeking to be an international global transport company needs a strong network of shipping companies, that’s why we have start to expand starting with our branch in Ramallah – Palestine, Erbil and Baghdad in Iraqi, Damascus Syria, and Istanbul Turkey.





Right Way Logistics Damascus - Syria started based on the need to fulfill the need to complete the strong chain specially the


Right Way Logistics in Iraq using two branches one in Erbil and the other in Baghdad, both leading to provide the best


Right Way Logistics in Ramallah - Palestine have our trained teams coordinate cargo transportation by


Right Way Logistics in Istanbul Turkey was one of biggest challenge since not Turkey is one of the top exporters in the world after

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